Baredes S.A. represents, distributes and markets in Argentina the products of recognized quality from the companies of the Curimbaba Group, a world leader in the manufacture of electro-molten oxides for the abrasive, ceramic and refractory industries. This group brings decades of experience and intensive research in the development of advanced technology for the production of proppants and electro-fused oxides. Our I + D and QC engineers continually improve the quality of existing products, developing solutions for the dynamic requirements of the Oil & Gas, Abrasives, Ceramics and Refractories industries. Mineraçao Curimbaba’s proppants and Elfusa’s aluminum oxides are its main products and are marketed worldwide.

The engineering and development of ceramic proppants has impacted the oil industry with continual improvements and solutions to address a wide range of well conditions. The SinterBlast, developed to address tortuosity, and the SinterLite Lock, developed for flowback control, are unique, patented products developed to meet the specific needs of Operators and Service Companies. The innovative I + D department works on projects and processes to achieve greater efficiency and optimal results in hydraulic fractures.

Mineraçao Curimbaba’s technical team has wide experience in the development and application of proppants. Each professional is dedicated to providing advice to ensure that the selected product meets the application requirements based on the parameters of the well. This experience, combined with the interaction with the professionals of Operators and Service Companies, generate invaluable data for the I + D Department on changing market conditions and technological advances. This information allows them to develop and offer the right product for completion operations, subsequently achieving higher production from the wells.